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Zoom robbing me $14.99 per month


I am going to present a timeline of what has been my terrible customer experience with Zoom. I wish I could share it with every forum on the internet and I probably will. 


June 2021 - Sign up for Zoom package. Zoom happily takes 14.99 from my credit card 


July 2021 - December 14 2021 - Happily using Zoom. No issues. Zoom happily takes 14.99 from my card every month. 


December 16 - I try to log in to zoom and I can't. I have no idea why. Same device, same password I am accustomed to. Check my inbox, no email from zoom saying there is an outage. I am lost. Finally find the help and they recommend resetting your password, which I do. This email comes back:

Your account appears to have been deactivated due to a violation of our Terms of Service or Community Standards.

If you believe our finding is wrong, you can submit an appeal


I read the Terms of Service and the Community Standards.  I have NO idea what I have violated. So I submit the appeal immediately I specifically ask if there can be an explanation for the deactivation. Which rule did I break? I receive an automated acknowledgement that my appeal has been received


January 2, 2022 - Zoom happily takes $14.99 from my card. I wonder to myself, so no reply to my appeal but my account is charged? I wait a couple more days and try to reset my password again. Sure enough I get the same reply as above.  I begin searching for answers. I can not login on zoom to cancel the account or to login in the zoom community forum to get answers. So zoom took 14.99 but I have no access to anything? Still awaiting a reply to my appeal by the way. 


January 12, 2022 - Still no reply to my appeal.  Finally decide to use a new email address to get on to this forum. Silly me, did not think of that before. 

I am advised that I will be assisted. Friendly guy submits a ticket and tell me a rep will get on to me. 


January 13, 2022  - Rep contacts me. Apologies for the inconvenience and asks for me to explain the issue and send a screen shot of the error. 


January 14 2022 - I reply with the requested info. It is error 1003 by the way. That error code never showed up on my phone or tablet but it did on the laptop. Anyhow I send the info. 


January 16 2022 - Zoom rep replies saying she will forward to the relevant department. 


January 19 2022 - Zoom Trust and Safety rep replies:
"Thank you for reaching out. If you wish to appeal the block on your account, please submit our appeals form, as this will allow us to investigate the issue. Please be sure to review Zoom's Community Standards and Terms of Service before submitting your appeal. "


I reply saying I have submitted one since December 16th but never got a reply. 

Zoom Trust and safety rep never replies


January 25, 2022 - Realizing that I am waiting in vain for a reply, I submit the appeal AGAIN. 

AGAIN I ask for an explanation as to what rule I have violated. 


January 31st 2022 - Finally a reply:

"Your appeal has been rejected after careful review and consideration. As described in Zoom’s Terms of Service and/or Community Standards, violations may carry penalties, including permanent suspension of a user’s account."

What? Still no reason given? What did I do? It's been 6 weeks and that's it? 


February 2, 2022 - Zoom happily charges my account - $14.99.......

How do you pay for a service that you have been banned from? 







My account and computer was blocked as well. I can not login with my old credetials, nor I could join any meetings with my PC. I could with browsers but not with the PC app. No success to contact them for more than 2 years since the blocking incident.
Don't forget, Zoom is still a minor company and not able to deal with this huge load what pandemic caused them. Sure they happy to take the profit but customer service and helpdesk is like broken.