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Zoom recording not sent by email or in cloud


I recorded a meeting on 1st of June in basic as a participant. The host accepted my request to record, however, when the meeting was closed the meeting recorded was not sent to me by email or uploaded to the cloud. The meeting recording was also not sent the host or uploaded to their close. Can you please retrieve this meeting recording and send it to me?



I just had this happen to me today, except I'm the host who granted a participant the ability to record.  We met specifically to record an interview for something time sensitive, so I really hope the video exists somewhere! 


I recorded a meeting on June 1st and normally I record to the cloud and the recording is sent to me. I thought I had accidentally recorded to my computer since a recording was not provided, but searched in all the folders and can not find the recording anywhere. I do have a folder for the meeting and it contains a chat Text document, but that is all. Hoping to be able to retrieve important training session. 

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues locating your recordings. I would encourage you to go over the following article to locate your local or cloud recordings:


I hope this helps!

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