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Zoom recording not accessable


I am currently doing some private lessons, and since i am currently abroad my teacher has been sending me zoom recordings... this system was working perfectly fine, until around 2 weeks ago i've had the same identical issues precisely...


When the teacher sends the zoom recording link, the passcode is being combined within the link... here is an example link, note it's only a mock link in this case....

when i press the actual link as it is above

i get a 404 not found error

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 11.27.03.png


so then my next idea is to seperate the passcode from the link...

this gets me a little closer as i see the window for "enter passcode to watch "xyz meeting"...


but then the passcode is allegedly incorrect, i've reached out to my teacher and i can confirm i am inputting the correct password, yet it still says it is incorrect.