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Zoom passcode randomly changes or adds a passcode after being unchecked as required


Hey there!  I've been plagued with an issue recently that seems as if my settings keep going back to default.  I host meetings in my personal room all day long (coaching and group sessions).  I always go into the settings and remove passcodes to make it easier for me and my clients.  However, the passcode randomly comes back (and when i go into my settings where I have previously removed the passcode requirement, there is a checkmark next to it again and there's a random passcode in there.  All by itself!  Almost like it reset somehow and put everything back to default.  This happened to me three times today.


Finally, I figured I would just add a passcode because it seemed obvious Zoom wanted one for my personal meeting room and then again it reset and the passcode became some randomly generated one instead of the one I selected.


I have no idea what to do.  Has anyone seen this and been able to resolve it?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi amc0480! Welcome to Zoom Community😎 It seems like you are required to enable one security feature. I would encourage you to look for the Settings ➡️ Meeting tab ➡️ Security and enable the Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join. Moving forward, they won't be needing to input the passcodes every time even if it changes.


Alternatively, you can enable the Waiting Room feature as another form of security if you plan to disable the passcode.


These options provide additional protection and privacy for your meetings and help prevent uninvited guests from joining.


If this answers your question, kindly click Accept as a Solution for others to be aware of this case as well. Happy Zooming!




I have had your suggestion as my meeting set up for years, and it STILL changes my passcode with EVERY SINGLE UPDATE!



Same happens to me--and there is no notification that Zoom has changed my meeting passcode.  I now have to go in and check before every meeting that Zoom has not "updated" the passcode  that I have selected and set as my meeting default.  So frustrating!  It appears that with every update that Zoom does, the meeting passcodes are reset to something random even if you have personally set a permanent passcode.


I am having the same issue for the first time starting August 2023, previously have NEVER had an issue and have been using Zoom since 2020.  What is the answer? HELP!!!!!!!