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Zoom participants unable to join with the link sent, says I am in another meeting when I am not???


Hi All,

I have an issue in that when I send a Zoom link in advance, and then at the due time start the meeting, invited attendees see the message that I am in another meeting when I am not. They cannot get into the meeting unless I send the link from inside the meeting. It's causing me big problems! Knowledgeable suggestions about how to address this issue would be very welcome and much appreciated!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Have you looked at calendar integration with Zoom. This may be the best option and you will also be promoted at meeting time:


If this response helps, please accept the answer as an accepted solution, so others can benefit as well.


This is happening when there is only one meeting scheduled, so there could not be a confusion with another meeting. I am wondering if it is related to my log-in? It doesn't make sense that when I am in the meeting I can look at participants and then send a link that people can access.


There are meetings coming up with people who are not in my contacts lists, and it would be difficult to email them all with a link when I am on the Zoom link.


Do you have other ideas about how to solve this?


Best wishes

Your response is to someone else but I presume you meant to send it to me judging by your wording.


Maybe practice with your meetings with friends who understand zoom. I found this very useful as they could tell me what they see and help troubleshoot.


I only  had 1 meeting scheduled as well so should not have had the conflict. Have you ever given or shared hosting with anyone? 


I had something similar happened. I’m not sure exactly what the cause was but I think that it might’ve been caused when I was in a meeting, handed over the Hosting to someone else And then left. When I set up a new meeting, it seems like the meeting had no button but the join button for me even though I had created it. People could not access. I had to set up a new meeting and invite them. At one point I could not get rid of the offending meeting. I deleted and downloaded the app on my iPad and then it was gone.

Recurring meetings were not affected by this, it was only when I put in a new meeting. The second meeting I put it was fine