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Zoom (or Team) slows down internet speed by 30 times


Oct. 11, 2023

Seeing more responses on the issue, I updated my original message to make it more useful.



On my Windows 11 laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad, E495, ethernet wired connection), when I start Zoom (even without signing in, same with Microsoft Team), the internet speed test shows a 30-times drop, from 450 Mbps to ~10 Mbps.


Temporary remedy: 

After your Zoom session, QUIT Zoom (or Team) COMPLETELY so your internet speed is back to normal. You make sure this by clicking the "Show hidden icons" arrow at the bottom-right of your screen to see all the applications running and exit Zoom if it is still there.


Attempted fix. It worked briefly for an earlier version of Zoom, but does not work anymore (after Zoom version evolution) as of Oct. 11, 2023 :

   1.) Search for the "Control Panel" and open this up.

   2.) In the window that comes up, click on the "Network and Internet" link

   3.) In there, there will be a link that says "Internet Options", click on that to get another pop-up window

   4.) In that pop-up window, towards the top, look for the tab that says "Advanced" and click on that

   5.) Scroll to the bottom of that window, look for where it lists "Use TLS", check "Use TLS 1.3", and uncheck "Use TLS 1.2". 


Also tried Google Meet. Although the network speed test shows no issue, all applications become slow and lagging. It is worse than Zoom -- even the slowdown-plagued version. 



Like many on this thread, I performed this "fix" (among many others) to address this issue. It worked initially but the problem returned. However, I found one more thing that's worth trying for those with a Lenovo that seems to have worked (fingers crossed). I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8. 

  • Open the Lenovo Vantage app
  • Under Device Settings, select "Performance Boost" (Zoom was listed as one of the "Apps to boost")
  • Turn off Performance Boost

I hope this helps some folks. This has been the most frustrating computer issue I've faced.

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I've been having this issue for months, only on my desktop PC which is a custom built, high spec machine for running full Adobe Suite. I don't have any issues with other programs, only Zoom. On my laptop, which is running Windows 10, it's fine. I host meetings all the time and when I do, it's so slow. I click 'admit' on a participant and it takes an age to recognise I've clicked it, meanwhile the whole screen freezes and blacks out part of it. When I'm attending a zoom meeting that someone else is running I don't have the same issues, it's SO bizarre. I've followed ALL of the advice I've found from people about changing setting etc etc and nothing has worked so far. Surely Zoom/Windows need to have a convo and get this sorted, it's infuriating. To the point where I'm considering leaving Zoom and just using Teams or Google Meet instead, both of which I have access to.