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Zoom not opening Outlook when scheduling meeting


Hi there,


I'm having a problem with one of my users Zoom application.

Zoom used to open automatically for them whenever they would schedule a meeting but has recently stopped.


I installed Zoom on my machine and every time I schedule a meeting Outlook opens instantly.

I went back to my user's machine and made sure the meeting was set to export to Outlook.

Still nothing, so I tried a reinstall but to no avail. 


We are both on the latest version 5.15.3 using Windows devices.


I tried setting export to other calendar and then using that to open the .ics which then opens up Outlook fine.

This works but I'd prefer if it worked as it used to.


Any help is appreciated.






Hi lucagorvin,

If you open their Zoom desktop app, Home > Schedule > Calendar, does it show Outlook is linked? 



There doesn't seem to be a calendar option just an export option




The new app changes are terrible. When you schedule a meeting and add an email of the person you are inviting, it doesn't seem to send the invite via email to the person you added. If someone knows the process by which you can add someone to a meeting in the APP and have it send it in email to the person you want to attend, please comment.


Try opening Outlook calendar, then right-clicking on the ribbon and choose "customize the ribbon" then choose add-ins on the left. Do you have the Zoom Outlook Plugin installed? 


If you don't, go to the zoom support link for instructions to download it:

When the plugin is added and enabled, create a new Outlook calendar event, then choose "add a zoom meeting" and that should sync them.


If you open Zoom and are on the Home page, does it prompt you to add a calendar or does it just show a view of your upcoming meetings? 






We aren't using the Zoom for Outlook add-in, it works fine on my machine without it -as it did on theirs beforehand too.

Are you suggesting we should try the add-in just to get them to sync?


And yes on the zoom home page it does prompt me to add a calendar.


If possible I'd want to try avoid installing the add-in.

If you don't want to use the plug-in, I would try adding a calendar on your Zoom home page to see if that'll get them to start syncing. 




One of my user also has same issue. Did you find any solution?