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Zoom mtgs created in Acuity via unique links just started rerouting client to my personal mtg ID


Yesterday the links my clients receive via Zoom-integration in Acuity (which creates unique links for every appt) started rerouting them to my Personal Mtg ID unbeknownst to me. It showed I was "in another meeting" + "this meeting hasn't started yet" -- which is also confusing. I wasn't aware this was the issue until my client just now told me the link she was clicking on showed my Personal Mtg ID. I double-checked my backend and copies of confirmation emails -- which all show the unique link, NOT my Personal Mtg ID. I have gone thru every setting I can and nothing seems amiss. Been using the same system for almost 2 years very smoothly until now. I am beyond confused. Any HELP???! 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

As far as I understand these scheduling integrations, they use your default meeting settings, which is based on your Settings page. I would check to ensure that the Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting option is disabled, as that could explain why Acuity is scheduling with your PMI instead of a random ID.

You might also reinstall/reconfigure the Acuity integration to see if that resolves the issue.