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Zoom meeting templates are not available in Outlook plugin


Hi! We need to bulk-create meetings following a standard format. We've created meeting templates on the Zoom website as per (Which doesn't allow for saving the alternate hosts. Boo!)


When scheduling the meeting using the Outlook plugin, there's no option to select from any templates. In other words, the template is unusable from our standard tool.


Or am I missing something obvious? Thanks!





I don't have a solution for you; I found this post because I have the same problem. The zoom page on meeting templates seems to indicate you must schedule from the zoom web portal in order to use a template: 


I very much wish we could select a template from the outlook plugin! 

Thanks - hopefully this is seen as interesting enough to get some traction and become a feature request one day!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @NemanMTX, thanks for your thoughtful suggestion! We don't track feature requests on the Zoom community, so I encourage you to submit this idea within our feedback form: