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Zoom meeting emails not received


Here is what I am told....


This person's associated email with her zoom account is a account, in case that is relevant. When she creates a new meeting and adds/invites people, some of those people do not get the invite, and it would seem that the people that do not get the invites , their domains are hosted on Microsoft.


So in other words, she creates a meeting sends an invite to *********** and *********** and ***********,  but person-3's email is hosted on Microsoft servers, person -1 and person-2 receive the invites but person-3 does not.

Person-3 checks their spam and junk folders and nothing is in there, even hours later.

I log into their MS portal office account and check their email logs and I do not see any incoming or rejected  emails from or any zoom related domain name.


And she does not receive any bounces or indications that the email was never sent or delivered on her zoom account.

Any ideas or suggestions on what to check next?

I read that zoom could be blocking the hosted domain, but when i try to contact support it says i do not have a paid account and cannot request support.


Thanks to all and have a great day!



Few users are facing this issue from past few days.
Currently, there is a delay in receiving confirmation emails, due to the high volume of new users registering at the same time. Users should receive a confirmation the day following your registration. If delay continues you can contact zoom customercare.
J Wick


Hey James, thanks for the reply....

The meeting invites have still not been received its been almost 24 hours, useless if you want a meeting withing a couple hours. I cannot contact customer care as when i try it says my free account does not have customer support unless I pay.




Have a great day!




I have the same problem. For years invite emails arrived by recipients. Two weeks ago invite emails don't reach anyone and don't show as "sent"  ïn my sent box.  This applies to joining and scheduling meetings. It is quite frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks



To clarify my post, emails are sent and received normally outside zoom. My email is outlook. Recipients emails vary.


I am glad it's just not me!

Hey Zoom,   WHAT'S GOING ON?!

I have the same problem from time to time. I send the zoom email invitation link from Gmail and sometimes it goes fine and sometimes it's delayed maybe an hour and sometimes it doesn't get sent at all 

Hi, I have same problem.

Some of our employees told me they were talking with prospects without an issue(we are using Gmail accounts), but when they sent them meeting invitations with zoom links, nothing arrived in their inbox (even not in spam folders). 

Have you found any solutions or documents related to that?

Sorry. Didn’t find the answer. I deal with the problem by using an alternative device.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

What do you mean other device? do you think it's about device and not something with outlook accounts?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @RobInMtl 

Can you explain a bit more about how this user is creating a new meeting and adding/inviting people?
If the invites are coming from Zoom, where exactly are they being invited within the Zoom meeting scheduling process? 

I ask only because Zoom itself doesn't send emails for normal invites, only for registration confirmations. Just trying to better understand where the issue is occurring and how I can help. 

Are they creating the meeting and then pasting the invite in an email in their Hotmail? 

Hi Bort,


Thanks for responding.

I click on the zoom icon, then click on start a new meeting, then start a new meeting, then click on participants and invite others. The invites are sent through the app but from my own email address.   This process worked for three years until two weeks ago.


Another method is to click on schedule a meeting, set the date and time, save - it then go into my outlook email for me to add email addresses of the recipients. This process worked very well for three years but now the emails don’t get through.


Does it clarify anything?


Thanks, Dafna

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Dafna 

Thanks for the additional info. 

Regarding the first situation, when you click the Invite option in the participants panel, which tab of that window do you use to invite others? If you invite them from the contacts tab, then the invitation should only go through the Zoom app. There is an email tab, but that will load the invite in your default email service. I'm not aware of Zoom itself sending out emails from that window. 


As for the 2nd situation, that would be a problem between your Outlook email and the recipient's email, so I'm not sure what we can do from the Zoom side of things, since the Zoom invite is just part of the message and not handling the delivery of that message directly. 

I'll reach out for more information about the emails affected. 

I’m having this issue for the past 4 days. I set up a meeting on the Zoom App on my iPad, and add invitees from here. It has worked like gold for 4 years and now NO ONE IS receiving my invitation. It’s ruining my work life, Friday I copied the invite link and sent from my Gmail and it still NEVER ARRIVED! Help!


Maybe the recipient has inadvertently blocked the no-reply zoom email address through their own settings, with their email provider's app.  That has been known to happen.

Thanks for your comment. I doubt whether that is the problem but it’s worth checking!