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Zoom meeting disconnected


I hold a Manager position in a business cheap windows 10 key .

I use to have daily meeting with my employees but meeting is auto disconnected after 30 minutes what is the reason.Its effects our business I need your help regarding this.



Zoom unable to connect comes in many arms. It can be your camera not working, video lagging, or poor quality of audio. These are very common issues, so do not feel personally attacked. We have gathered a few fixes that are quite effective. Hopefully, they can help you too so you can return to attending videos and conferences:


1. Restart Computer
Let's work on the most basic approach to fixing to resolve zoom not connected issues:

Press Alt+F4, which will open the shutdown menu.
Select either restart or shut down.
restart computer

Now sign in with the new credentials to experience Apple features and services, including Apple music to play your favorite song or album that has just been released.


2. Uncheck Audio and Video Settings
You may want to consider using the following options unchecked on the pop up that appears before you join a zoom meeting:

Do not Connect to Audio.
Turn off My Video.
uncheck settings

Now I know what you are thinking; these options are completely opposite to Zoom, not connected issues. However, by unchecking these options, you will enable the camera and microphone to connect automatically.


3. Restart Router
If you are still facing zoom not connected issues and it has nothing to do with audio and video settings, it is time to restart your router.

Turn off the router or Wi-Fi device present at home or office.
Disconnect the modem from the power source. We wish to restart it completely.
Leave the modem and router off for a few minutes. Give them a very tiny vacation.
Now connect all devices and models to power. Click on the power button to turn them back on.
Check to see if your Zoom issues have been resolved now.




Rachel Gomez