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Zoom local recording issues: the screen is all black


I recorded two zoom meetings (6hours & 3 hours) on my desktop. 

Both of the video seemed being recorded smoothly,  but when I opened the mp4 video, both of them don't show the screen. I can hear the voice, but I cannot see anything. The screen is all black. 

Is there anyone who knows the reason and how to fix this? 

Thank you. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @hi999, how are you accessing the recording file? Have you tried to manually convert the local recording files?


You can attempt the following:

-Visit the location where the local recording files are stored, the default path would be: ~/Documents/Zoom
-Find the file double click to convert and double click it to convert
-If the “double click to convert” file is not working, with this trick try making a new “meeting”, with only yourself. Start a recording, then after a few seconds stop it, but don't end the meeting. In a folder inside documents/zoom/ named with date/time, you can locate a new “double click to convert” file.  Swap it with the file you need to convert, then stop the meeting.


Looking forward to your response and let me know if this helps! 


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Thank you for the suggestion. I don't see a convert option when I double click. I'm on a macbook pro. 

Converting the files isn't the issue, it lies when I open the recording, it's all black but the audio, is clear.

Was there ever a fix for this? I am seeing it on my Macbook as well


This just happened to me and I used record portion of the screen???