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Zoom keeps signing me out


Hello, Team

I go to the zoom website and sign in and click stay logged in, but the next I go to the zoom website it shows I am signed out.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Runbir, this will help you understand the 'Stay Signed In' status 

  • Stay Signed In is selected, the account keeps sign-in for 90 days if the cookie is not deleted.
  • Stay Signed In is not selected, you'll stay signed in for 2 hours if the browser is not closed. If it's closed, you'll be logged out. 

If 'Stay Signed In' is checked and you're still being logged out, check your browser settings and see if your cookies are being cleared based on a specific action or time.


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This suddenly being constantly signed out thing started happening to me within the last couple of months and when I came here to look for help I found people complaining about the same issue as far back as a year but no solutions. Is this on Zoom's radar at all?


I have this problem too.  It only started a few weeks ago - before that, all was fine. Stay signed in is definitely checked, but if I am away from it for even an hour, it logs me out. This is driving me crazy.  I do not have cookies being cleared. Please provide more useful help.