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Zoom keeps asking to login

Hi, we SSO'd Zoom to our AzureAD tenant but the Zoom desktop app keeps asking us to log into the client everyday....we have to click on the SSO icon at the bottom of the login screen at least once a day. I checked the SSO setting and it says 30 days Any idea on how to resolve?

Community Champion



There is an idle timeout setting on the IDP side that Zoom cannot control, if you adjust this idle timeout to a longer timeframe, you will not be logged out as often.




You mean in AzureAD? Where would thus setting be? We use Azure AD with webex and other apps and do not have this issue.

Exactly, I believe it is a setting within AzureAD. Do you know if your AzureAD settings have a per-application timeout? If so, that timeout setting might be something that you could match with Zoom and a known good application.