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Zoom is unable to launch


After I tried to sign in through SSO, my laptop became unable to launch zoom.

Zoom displays 5003 error, but internet connection is stable. I can launch zoom on my iphone.

How can I launch zoom?



Hi @yukinishigaki 


Is it a corporate laptop, or on a corporate network?

Is your Zoom client up-to-date?


Sorry for the late reply. It's my private laptop, not a corporate laptop nor using a corporate network. My zoom client is the latest version.


I'm taking online classes, and it needs to do group assignment and have meeting with my group. A group mate suggested me to use university's SSO to have meeting without time limitation.

I am having the exact same issue. It's my personal computer, a recent issue, and am unable to dial into my own meetings as well as others. I have to join from my cell phone.