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Zoom iphone not letting pin host camera


Hi everyone, recently i am unable to pin my iphone camera when hosting a meeting.


I start with my camera pinned to the screen, then log in with my second device to see the gallery.

When the participants start to enter i am unable to use my iphone camera to see myself as the host in a large screen (only gallery or with one of the participants in large option).


I never had this problem before.

Could someone please help?


Many thanks


Community Champion

Hi @murielb 

I would like first to make sure that you have the latest Zoom version on your iPhone. If you could go to the apple store, search for Zoom, and check if there is an update.


Pin video allows the host to disable active speaker view and only view up to 9 specific speakers, while other meeting participants can pin one video on their end.

You have to have 2 participants or more share a video


  1. Swipe left to enter Gallery View.


  2. Double-tap the video of the participant you want to pin.

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I have the exact SAME problem as Muriel.  We are Not Trying to PIN a participant.

On the iphone11 you doubletap the screen (on the profile of oneself eg ME, YogaRos the Host) and then the screen automatically expands to full screen, the other participants have turned OFF their own webcams, therefore are not seen. I've been doubletapping Me to Expand ME on the iPhone screen since March 2020. Why did this change YESTERDAY,??? It is 1000% frustrating and I have googled and been on YouTube yet only found everyone saying same thing, you DoubleTap iPhone screen to enlarge one's own view . Now I am like a tiny postage stamp in the corner, with everyone else's 'squares' filling the iPhone screen .PLEASE PLEASE HELP Thankyou so much Rosalyn Griffith 


I am registered to Zoom at ***********

How do I get a notification of any reply or help you can give me?

I do have the latest Zoom mobile App and also updated my iPhone installing latest update.  The Same ~Problem happened on my pilates zoom class this morning. I am NOT trying to PIN a participant. I need MY view to be the full screen on the iPhone thank you thank you thank you for ANY help. I have more classes and wish to resolve this urgently thanks.


Hi, no it has not worked.

I am trying to pin myself as a host, not a participant, but i am unable to do so and see myself in the big screen. Never had that issue before, been using zoom for over 2 years. Please help


I have the EXACT same problem and it only started yesterday.  Usually I greet my yogis or pilates group, then I Double-Tap ME ( the host) and my screen immediately Expands so that I can see myself teaching and demonstrating in the Whole iphone11 screen. I have deleted my Zoom app and uploaded latest. I have updated my phone. This happened again this morning. So frustrating. ZOOM tech - PLEASE PLEASE ADVISE.



This is a major bug - you can tap to pin on an iPhone BUT only when just 2 people are in the meeting, as soon as there are more it stops working.
This also stops any pinch-to-zoom with the camera on an iPhone. Both of these features worked perfectly until the most recent updates to the iOS zoom app. It continues to work fine with an iPad so it does appear to be a bug with iPhone specially not iOS in general


I have the same problem after ios 15.3.1 update. I can't pin myself to the screen. If this doesn't improve soon I'll have to stop using zoom.


I do not have such a problem on my other phone with ios 15.3. I can pin myself in that version.