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Zoom freezing every 15 minutes like clockwork, for about 15 seconds at a time


Hi, thanks in advance for the help.


I recently started a new remote job that sent me one of their laptops. Now anytime I jump on a meeting, my entire feed will freeze up several times per meeting for about 15 seconds.  Soon I recognized that it was happening at the same intervals of time. So I set a stopwatch on my phone. Sure enough, every 15 minutes it will freeze. Watching the stopwatch I can tell exactly the next time it is about to freeze. See attached screenshot (I missed recording one freeze because it was my turn to talk. ) And then when things come back to normal it has an error about my internet connectivity being unstable. However when I use other videoconference apps I do not have this problem. 


Searching this community and searching Google did not turn up any results. So I turn to the wonderful volunteers of this community forum. Thanks!



In case anyone stumbles across this in the future, it took my company's IT department to sort things out on the computer. Not exactly sure, but they went into command prompt and did some stuff, lol.