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Zoom forcing me to log in to start a meeting when already logged in


Has anyone else found a way around this? Users have a zoom event in google calendar and are already logged into zoom on another web browser tab. Using google calendar in another tab and try and start a meeting. They then get the box saying that it is waiting for the host to join even though they are the host and are logged into zoom. The user is then forced to log into zoom again to start  meeting.


Is it a setting somewhere?



We are dealing with something similar. My admin has the login to create meetings. When she does and logs in with her personal email so I can log in with the email associated with the Zoom account, it makes me sit in the waiting room. She has to log in with the email associated with the account again to start the meeting. Is it linked to the IP address or something?

Think it is linked and I have contacted zoom who say it should not happen. Looks like a bug on their part