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Zoom for Intune iOS/Android


Can somebody tell me more about Zoom for intune? And what's the difference of intune with MDM? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

We have MDM support articles published for both iOS and Android that include how to setup with Intune.






thank you I'm familiar with the articles but what is the Zoom for intune that can be found in app stores? You still need Zoom for meetings app even if you have the intune app in the mobile devices.

That doesn't answer the question. What is the difference between Zoom & Zoom for Intune? Specifically in my case, what are the prerequisites for using the Zoom for Intune? Must you be fully Office 365 or can you be in a hybrid environment?

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @LordKaizilla @ValenciaJ , Zoom for Intune implements the Intune SDK. By using the Intune SDK, Zoom for Intune is able to enforce is Microsoft's suite of Intune MDM features, including app protection policies, app configuration policies, and conditional launch policies.


The non-Intune version of the Zoom Android and iOS clients can still be deployed with custom configuration through any MDM, but it can't enforce the policies mentioned above.


@ValenciaJ to address your additional questions as well, there are technicaly no prerequisites for using Zoom for Intune. Anyone could install it, sign in, and use it just like the regular client. The thing to keep in mind is, the only reason to use Zoom for Intune is if you are using Intune for policy enforcement as mentioned above. You can use it in a hybrid environment if you'd like. For example, I've worked with customers who use Airwatch as their main MDM, but use Intune solely for the app protection policy features. Thus, they deployed Zoom for Intune instead of the regular Zoom mobile client.

So what are the requirements for configuring Zoom for Intune not finding much info. I'm not able to sign in says needs to be enabled by Admin and I'm able to use SSO already with ZoomOne. We already have conditional Policy set. 

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @mikeOtech , first you would create an app protection policy:


Then deploy the app for Android and iOS:


During deployment you can assign the app protection policy you created earlier.


As part of deploying the app you select the users or groups to assign it to.

Optionally, you can add an app configuration policy:


App configuration policies are used with the configuration settings mentioned here:


After that's done, the first person who signs in to the app should be an Azure global admin. This is an easy way of ensuring the admin consent is granted for the Zoom for Intune Enterprise application. (You're getting the "need to be enabled by admin" message because this hasn't been done yet)


If it's not possible to sign in to the app with an Azure admin account, you can grant consent manually in the Azure portal:


You can apply App Protection policies to it


You can also apply App Configuration Profiles to it, which is handy for things like preventing login via Google/Facebook/Email, and forcing SSO, and pre-populating your SSO URL