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Zoom folder with recordings disappeared



After the last update in January, my full zoom folder with 2+ years of recordings disappeared. I have searched for it in other places in the computer, but it is simply not there. I tried searching by name, by file type, and nothing. Any idea on how this could have happened?

Recent files are in the right place. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @murteaga local recordings are a bit harder to recover due to the file being saved to your local drive. If locally recorded, you can find that recording in your Zoom desktop client, under 'meetings' 👉 'recorded' and you will see the locally recorded videos from there. You can also go to to see the path for local recordings.


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Thank you for your answer, RN, but as I said, there is nothing anywhere in my computer. I was trying to raise a technical issue. When the zoom update happened in January, the local folder that used to have all the recordings (the one I have been using over years to upload my recordings to Vimeo and Youtube) was no longer there. 
Furthermore, the following update did the same, deleting five new recordings. After that I decided to move the repository for my recordings to an external hard drive. I'm not sure if this is a Zoom issue or a Windows issue, but I haven't change any settings on my computer, and suddenly, my entire Zoom folder disappeared twice.