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Zoom event invite not added to Google Calendar automatically, like every other calendar invite-why?


When I receive a meeting invite that was scheduled using Zoom, it's not added to my Google Calendar automatically. Can Zoom create an invite email that includes event information that Google Calendar can parse and add automatically? All other services do this. Check out Eventbrite, for example.

I realize that there is a link in each email to add the event, but 1) that's many extra clicks I have to do, vs it being automatic, 2) I cannot give access to my calendar due to many NDAs I have in place, and 3) it's completely unnecessary for Zoom to create an event on my calendar using the Google API. It simply needs to send an email with the proper format. In this day and age, how is this not done by Zoom? As it is, I have to manually create events for each Zoom meeting.


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @Jonyer, thanks for your suggestion! The Zoom Community is not a place where feature requests are tracked, so I highly encourage you to submit this idea within our feedback form: