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Zoom distorting my voice when using Airpods Pro


Hey all. On a Mac with Monterey. Upgraded to 5.11.5 (9788) and ever since I'm getting weird sound distortion when using my airpods pro. 


Sounds like a very intense echo/robot/Darth Vader effect.


When I Test the Mic in settings it sounds fine, but whenever I jump into a meeting it distorts to the point where no one can understand me.


I tested this also by starting a meeting with just myself and recording it and it distorts in those recordings as well.


I've gone through all the suggestions from other posts on this forum. Anyone else? Airpods Firmware is also current.



While users can get the volume fixed before entering into your Zoom meeting, there are often problems that arise during Zoom meetings as well. To fix these problems, you’ll have to go to the general settings. This area can be accessed in one of two ways:

Next to the microphone/ ‘Mute’- clicking on the arrow pointing up to the right of the microphone brings you to the general settings.
Three dots/ ‘More’- clicking on this also brings you to the general settings.
Once you’re in the general settings, a window with the list of settings will appear. One of these options is the audio settings; clicking on it will lead to a window opening with two sliding panels- ‘Test Speaker’ and ‘Test Mic.’ These panels work in the same way as the ones listed before the Zoom meeting starts; allowing for the user to choose their speaker/ microphone and for the user to adjust the volume of the Zoom meeting.

Between scheduling, quiet spaces, and internet issues, it can already be difficult to host work meetings online, nevermind the many things that can go wrong with the app while you’re using it. With software like Zoom becoming more popular than ever before, it’s often helpful to know how many of the basic settings work, such as the audio input and output. Hopefully, with this in mind, you will be able to fix any audio issues that come up both before and during your Zoom meetings.



Rachel Gomez