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Zoom crashing consistently


Greetings, I was attending an online class when Zoom started to crash consistently whenever I tried to join it.
After an update, I thought the issue would be resolved, but alas it persisted; I then looked online for answers, and some suggested that changing my video settings might help, but whenever I even so much as click on the video settings or the screen sharing settings, all other settings options work normally, Zoom crashes again.
Reinstalling the app did not work either, so I was forced to go to the support page hoping to find a solution, only to be met instead by a paywall between me and the support team; as such, this forum is my last hope of being able to go back to attending my classes, any assistance would be appreciated.



Sadly I don't have any info that will help much but I will chip in an observation that is perhaps relevant.


So far I haven't found Zoom's discussion forum to be very active (I'd love to be proved wrong), I see questions get asked but I don't see them getting answered. A month ago I posted a topic about how to make Zoom "Crash on demand",  I'm unable to see how many people if any have read the post, I only know that none have posted a response.


I am an occasional contributor on a couple of unrelated discussion forums both of which use Discourse software:

In my opinion the software behind these forums makes the contributor feel more involved and this helps build a community.



I am having the same problem. Very irritating! Is there no phone number to call for help?

fyi I can sign in again, but then I get dumped off after a minute or two.


This may not be relevant to you. A Win 11 machine with 4 GB of RAM is pretty likely to crash, since Zoom runs a bunch of background tasks that take around 3 GB of space. Zoom support suggests downgrading to version 5.15.0, but the link they sent didn't work.


Another possibility is that you're running a 32-bit version of Zoom. If so, go to the Download Center and download and install a 64-bit version.


super dumb question, (not techy here)  how do i check which version i have?  i am having catastrophic crashed here with zoom, affecting my job which i need to resolve. Thanks