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Zoom crashes with AirPods Pro


I have some issues since I started using Zoom on the MacBook.

Every time I'm in a Zoom meeting with my AirPods Pro, the meeting is likely to crash every 5 min and after that Zoom says that I have some issues with the wifi connection. So the AirPods are disturbing the connection between Zoom and the wifi while using them but I really don't get it how this is even possible. Because I can use my AirPods in every other way but only Zoom isn't working for me. My theory is that maybe the frequency between Zoom, my wifi and my AirPods is interrupting each other and is causing crashes in a meeting.

Could somebody please tell me what's the problem and maybe help me out with this? 

Thanks in advance


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Thisislollo, double-checking that you have the Zoom client up-to-date as well as your MacOS? If not, I'd suggest updating as this may help for any fixes or supported features. Are you experiencing this in other applications with your AirPods? Are they recognizable by Zoom? 


I'd also suggest checking your Zoom client settings > Audio > and if 'original sound' is on, possibly disable to see if that helps your in-meeting experience. As well as any background noise suppression. 


I'd also suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom from, please note, if you're using the M1 chip to click the 'here' under the download client button for M1 silicon chips.


Let me know how it goes! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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