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Zoom crashes almost immediately after attempting to join SOME meetings


There is no error message other than "encountered an unexpected problem" before closing and attempting to restart. It will sometimes just keep attempting to restart until I kill it. I have updated Zoom. I have restarted everything. I do not have (and never have had) PowerToys installed. 


I am on Windows 11. 


Zoom does not always crash; in fact, it usually works just fine - for every meeting except this one. But every time I attempt to enter a certain meeting, hosted by a large organization, it crashes. I can access the meeting using the browser UI, but not the desktop app. It is consistent and started some time around December of last year. Since it worked in other meetings, I thought the problem was solved - but it is not. Could something on the HOST side be causing this? Most users don't seem to have a problem. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


What version of the desktop app are you using?