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Zoom consistently crashing when sharing screen in any size meeting


Hi I use zoom with my company and there are multiple instances where when any participant shares their screen - Zoom.exe crashes and restarts. I have issues when trying to share screen over a resolution of 1080p.

I don't have issues when sharing screen on a 1080p monitor but when I attempt to share screen on a 4k monitor at max resolution - Zoom will crash. Another user attempted to share screen on a 4k monitor set to 1440p and it crashes. I can get error logs if required. 


This issue is affecting the ability for our company to do company presentations and is very frustrating. Surely this issue has been raised already and a development request for a fix has been raised?




I have the same problem.


I don't have a solution, but here is a workaround..

When you select the share button in ZOOM, choose the app you want to share and not the screen. This type of sharing is independant of the screen resolution.

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Hey unfortunately this doesn't resolve the issue.


Brand and Model? 

what CPU?  are you on Windows 11?   32 or 64bit Zoom?


Windows 11, Dell, 64 bit. Zoom version 5.13.3. I do have integrated graphics and a Nvidia Quadro GPU so perhaps there is some cross over causing a crash..


We have the same issue, multiple users impacted only with 4K. Windows version varies - 10/11, zoom version varies - anything from latest (L) to L - 2. 



Hi Zoom support - Really need guidance on this one. This is effecting many of our meetings when we want o share screen as usually 80% of people trying to share screen in a large meeting have zoom crash on them. 


I have crashing issues with zoom when I share my screen or an application as well.  I am almost always using an external monitor or two myself, but not 4k.  I temporarily fixed the issue by only sharing on my laptop screen or windows on my laptop screen, however, that is not foolproof either, as zoom crashed multiple times today.  MS Teams sharing works fine! So I'm thinking it's a Zoom issue. I just updated to version 5.13.7 which claims to fix crashing issues.  We'll see.


I believe its working now!!  The two things I did is update to Version 5.13.7, and set zoom to run as administrator - (Sorry I can't re-find the instructions to that again for some reason). I'm not sure which one fixed it, or if it is the combo. I can now share a full wide format monitor screen without crashes - 1st time since getting this Windows 11 machine.