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Zoom client Auto Update for windows


Hi Team,


 We have set to slow  track channel  to receive the auto-update client option and we have got the auto-update only to 5.11.1 (6602) - Minor Release but the recent release is  July 18, 2022 version 5.11.3 (7123) - Major Release


Any reasons why this has not been updated until the latest release.


Also, need clarity on what needs to be done from the user end to get auto update applied on the zoom client in the user device


1) log in logout zoom ?

2) reboot the system ?


Is there any setting in zoom admin portal to enable this ? 



I cannot find Automatically keep my Zoom up to date’ in the General section. I need to be able to send out the updates through the console and not on each machine manually. I have found that the updates on the client machines are not updating and just say that the version that we have is too old and needs updaing.