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Zoom chat copy and paste


When I copy and paste text from a Microsoft Word document into the Zoom chat function, the text is either bold and/or underlined, when it was not like that initially. The formatting of the text also changes. I have never had this problem, till I did a recent upgrade. I have no idea how to stop Zoom doing this repeatedly. Can someone please help? Thank you, Mo.



Me too! If there's a link in the copied material, everything gets underlined.


Hi Judy K, I was hoping for some 'salvation' from you as to how best to resolve this matter. I cannot find any default way of pasting text that does not change the text formatting after pasting. Can you suggest an alternative strategy, since this problem is driving me crazy and I cannot get any response from Zoom or the community? Thank you. VBW, Mo.

The only thing I've found is if I drop separate pieces into the chat box with 2 line returns after each link. I just keep adding parts of the info until it's all there. But with all the media links one shares in a networking meeting, it can get tedious. And if you hit enter by mistake, you've sent an incomplete message.

That's not reliable either. I have noticed a format bar not available to chat entries. I don't know if that's new or if I just never noticed it before but that helps take the underlines out in a selected block.

should be NOW available


I do service work for a very large daily meeting on Zoom which requires copy/paste of on-going chat announcements.  The pasted version is now turning each paragraph I post bold.  I have to un-bold what I don't want bolded in each paragraph.  I then get behind of my next required text posting. I can therefore no longer do the chat position for the group and have strongly suggested to other service people in the meeting they hold off on upgrading their zoom clients.  I hope Zoom remedies this soon.  (I see chat formatting was fixed in the version but the latest has caused a problem with copy/pasting in chat going bold, and going back to prior versions doesn't correct the issue.)