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Zoom changing personal ID meeting passcode without one's knowledge.


Has this happened to anyone.   I had a meeting set up and found no one could get into the meeting because Zoom had inadvertently, without informing me, changed the passcode and that passcode did not work.     


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Barryb555 


Your Personal Meeting passcode will be different to the passcode for other meetings you set up.


Each meeting you set up will have a separate passcode. Meetings will not inherit your Personal Meeting passcode, and they will be different each time.




This happened to me, which may be what you experienced. I thought I could use my PMI for different recurring meetings I set up and incorrectly thought I could change the passcode for one of the new meetings. When I changed the passcode, thinking I did it for just that one meeting with its own unique title, to my dismay I had changed the passcode for all recurring meetings that used the PMI. I discovered it when members couldn't join the other meetings in the future because their passcode no longer worked.


This is happening to me all the time and it is frustrating. Zoom doesn't seem to think it's an issue.  I have met with support and nothing I do is helping. To be clear... I am using my own personal meeting room and either setting a passcode or removing the passcode altogether and after a short while it just resets (by itself) to a randomly generated passcode and will even turn on the passcode when I have turned it off.


I have something similar. I am using the Personal Meeting ID and a passcode is required. When a created a meeting it was assigning a unique passcode for every meeting. I then realized I needed a passcode for user who use the telephone to join the session. Since I turned that selection on it has gone crazy. Any time I create a new meeting it changes the passcode for every meeting I have with the Personal Meeting ID. What is going on and how do I get it to go back to using a unique passcode for each meeting?