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Zoom captions not showing up on recorded video


Does anyone know how to embed captions into the zoom recordings, for lectures? The transcript setting is enabled, but when I view the recording of the video, it does not show up. 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @amathew94 --


You might have searched for "captions for recordings"... and that's what I did first too, with no results.  Then I substituted "transcription" for "caption"... ta-da! 


Take a look at this Zoom Support article on transcriptions for cloud recordings: 


Hopefully something in there unlocks the secret for you.  Seems like clicking a CC button should do the trick.


Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hi, I am having a similar problem but the solution provided does not work for me I am afraid as I need to embed the closed captions as the subtitles before sending out a recording. The auto-transcription does not understand the speaker's accent or speech pattern and produces gobbledygook. I have therefore typed closed captions live and saved both the video recording and the closed caption file. 


The video has then been trimmed and I have edited the closed caption file to match. I can re-play the video myself and manually add the correct subtitle file but need to send out the video complete with subtitles - I don't want the audience to have to manually add the subtitles themselves.


Can anyone please advise on how to save the subtitles to the video once added?


Many thanks.



I was having the same problem.  Turns out you have to choose "Record to the Cloud" in order to see the captioning in the video.  I had been recording locally on my computer and captions were not showing.


I had this issue with a locally recorded meeting when played in Windows Media Player, but when I opened with VLC it recognized the captions. Hopefully that helps