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Zoom camera stops working intermittently on my Chromebook


The Zoom camera stops working intermittently. Just now I had a Zoom meeting and the camera wasn't working, only the audio. I've tried again and now the camera is working.


I'm running Zoom on my Chromebook laptop through the Zoom pwa "app."


I've tried everything including resetting my browser, deleting my browser history, restarting my laptop. All of these sometimes work but sometimes don't work too.


I've had this Chromebook laptop for about 6 months. The Zoom camera worked perfectly for 5 months, but only now am I having problems.




I just had the same problem when I was on an interview. Audio was on, video not showing even through camera is working and on. 


I have had the same problem when joining meetings.  It doesn't happen when I start a meeting.


Interesting to see Zoom camera issues with Chromebooks. I have 2 Lenovo Chromebooks. Zoom worked fine initial couple of times, as in - great audio, great video (incoming and outgoing). And all of a sudden outgoing camera stopped working. I checked everything possible with the Chromebooks and found no issues with the camera. Zoom camera outgoing is working perfectly fine in the waiting area, once the host admits me in the meeting, the outgoing camera turns black. The host is unable to view me. I have tried with multiple different meetings and same issue. My ChromeOS is v115 (latest version as of today). Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?


Same issue for me😕 Zoom camera has always worked fine, now it mostly doesn't work with the occasional, random, success. Microphone also shows that there's a problem. Like others, I've checked settings in Zoom and Chromebook, restarted etc. Interesting that this appears to be a recent issue for everyone. Unsure who can help?!