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Zoom app doesn't launch on Debian 10 since update to Version 5.9.1


Yesterday, I updated Zoom to the current version 5.9.1. Since then, the app doesn't launch without sudo/root anymore, and also can't access my bluetooth headset, neither microphone nor speakers.

A rollback to a previous version together with restarting the system solved the issue.


FYI, Zoom version 5.9.1  seems to break on Debian kernel version 5.9.0. Maybe this info is helpful for somebody.



I have a similar issue with Windows 10 Home.  After a meeting on January 10th, I was prompted to update Zoom to Version 5.9.1. Afterward, when attempting to host a meeting today (January 11th), the client would continually "Freeze" or become "Not Responding. I was forced to conduct the meeting using my Android phone, then spent the next couple of hours after the meeting resolving the issue. I uninstalled the client multiple times with no resolution to the client "Freezing" or becoming "Not Responding".  Ultimately, after uninstalling the Zoom client yet again, I downloaded the  VDI Release Version 5.8.0, release date November 16th, 2021.


Everything seems to be in working order for the time being. I did a test meeting by sending an invite to a friend, and the client was able to function before the latest Version 5.9.1. Hope this reply becomes useful to others with the same issue.


I have a similar issue, I can't start the new version of zoom on Debian that I installed the 5.11. I then tried to go back to the older version of zoom 5.4, this one I can launch, but when I start to run zoom, I get a window that forces me to update zoom, so I can't use the old version either.  I am really stuck and I don't know enough of linux to do a complicated fix, could someone help ? Thanks.