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Zoom Virtual Background w/o green screen: Intel core i3-10100f + Nvidia Geforce GT 730 enough?


Good day to you all and apologies if this is the wrong message board,


I need some help from users who have an Intel i3-10100f paired with an Nvidia Geforce GT 730. Are these specs enough for Zoom Virtual background without a physical green screen? Or do I have to go up to  GT 1030? 


For the record, I already have a desktop system atm:

Intel Pentium G4560

8GB Ram

I'm thinking of buying the upgrades if they can do the Zoom Virtual Background. Any input is much appreciated!!




I3 processors do not meet the minimum requirements for the virtual background without a green screen.  Here is a link to the requirements. Make sure you look under the "Video without a physical green screen" section for system requirements that need to be met in order to use without a green screen.