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Zoom VDI - Redirected Audio Volume Levels


Hi All,

I have a deployment with the following characteristics:

  • VMware Horizon 2206
  • VDI Desktops running Windows 10 v22H2
  • HP t640 Thin Clients running HP ThinPro 8 and Horizon Client for Linux 2212
  • Zoom VDI v5.13
  • Zoom VDI plugin for VMware for ThinPro v5.13.0

We have deployed various redirection\optimization technologies -- for Zoom, Teams, HTML5 video, etc. The redirection\optimization works as expected.


The issue I'm facing is related to audio volume levels. Typically our users have their Thin Client volume set to 100%, then they will adjust volume down within the VDI Guest OS to appropriate levels. However during Zoom Meetings or Calls, when the audio is redirected to the Thin Client, it exits the speakers at 100% regardless of the Guest OS settings.


Except for MS Teams -- for whatever reason Teams does not suffer from the issue.


I'm aware of the root cause here -- however I'm trying to avoid solutions like telling\teaching my users to adjust volume within ThinPro, or purchasing speakers\headsets with volume dials...


Instead, I'm wondering if anyone has a solution here which would allow for the audio volume levels to be adjusted within the Zoom client or the VDI Guest OS, instead of being offloaded down and adjusted on the Thin Client, during meetings or calls? Any assistance or guidance on this issue would be appreciated.



You can adjust the levels in the Zoom Audio settings menu. However I find it not very convenient to open that menu using the carrot near the mic icon, but it should work.