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Zoom Translation




We utilise the translated captions feature for our live tutorials we host (students listen in either English, or use translated captions in their native language), however we have a lot of students who watch the recorded tutorial if they cannot make the live tutorial. I am looking at a way to ensure the transcription is available in multiple languages, or a way they can listen to the recording in their language.


At the moment our tutorial recording (and captions) are available only in English, and our transcript in English.






 You can definitely get the captions and transcript to show both languages, and if you make sure "show original and translated" is on then the recording has that data (the translated captions) embedded and (somewhere) there is a setting that allows all the captions to show on the recording. (Sorry I haven't figured that out, but I have been told it is possible. The key is making sure that you are generating the right translated captions in the first place, which is why I have defaulted to "show original and translated")


The transcript has been harder to make work, but I'm half way there... Some speakers show on the transcript in both languages, and some do not. It seems to have to do with their individual settings. 


I hope that helps a little. 

Hi KarriGB,


Unfortunately I just did a test with "show original and translated" and the recording only has the English, even though when it was live it had both original and translated. Additionally, the Transcript is still only English, let me know if you find that setting that shows all captions on recordings.