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Zoom Test Kitchen - A Live Hands-on Workshop

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello Zoom Community,




I am the regular host of the Zoom Test Kitchen, a live community workshop of like-minded folks from 90+ countries, who desire to learn the details of Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and much more.


We meet every Friday at 2PM CST / 7PM UTC.

This Friday, December 17th I want to thank and welcome @Rupert McRae who graciously accepted to host, in my absence.  Rupert is a well-versed contributor in this Zoom Community, and does a great job hosting the Zoom Test Kitchen.

This Friday's Focus - Advanced Zoom Polls & Quizzes.


I personally invite you to join us, or watch from YouTube if you prefer, where we stream our meetings live, and for playback later.


The Zoom Test Kitchen has provided a relaxed learning environment for over 1 1/2 years. Whether its managing a Zoom Meeting, Webinar, or delivering a full-blown production with Zoom as an essential ingredient, you'll definitely walk-away with more than you arrived with.


The Zoom Test Kitchen is a LIVE Workshop, it is NOT a PowerPoint Presentation, and we often identify undocumented behaviors that save our bacon in the workplace.



Thank you and we hope to see you in the Kitchen!


@ZoomTestKitchen  - Jeff Widgren, Founder & Host


Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen