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Zoom Reports Issue


Hi All,


I have been using Zoom for 3 years, however, I have recently noticed that there are some changes in meeting "reports", specifically the active host reports, where one exports the participant names, emails, join and leave time, and total duration in minutes. When we used to export the detailed report with each join and leave time for each participant and the same report with a "unique users" box checked, it always showed the total duration in minutes exactly as in the detailed report, however, since this year, the detailed report is generated with a total duration in minutes approximated to the closest minute. For example, if one had a 15 seconds difference in the time of joining and leaving the meeting, the detailed report will show it as 1 minute. Therefore, this builds a considerable difference between the two reports in terms of total duration in minutes, especially when we expect to use these numbers for administrative purposes in the training domain.


Did anybody encounter this? is there any setting in Zoom that can revert the settings to the old way?


Thank you.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @RashedJanadieh I believe I see what you're experiencing, so therefore, as to when you check 'unique users' within the report, the Join/Leave time disappears. Essentially, you could just pull the first report, not the unique users only report, therefore exporting the Join/Leave time and Duration Time, rather than counting on the 'Duration Time' for unique users. However, if for some reason you just need unique users, you could leverage the first report for specific Join/Leave times, however, if you have a long list of participants and a lot of unique users I could see the pain in getting those within a .csv report, but I highly suggest leaving your feedback to


Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 6.28.41 AM.png

Unique users checked

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 6.36.34 AM.png


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