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Zoom Quit unexpectedly


When the host started the screen share and a participant started their video zoom quit unexpectedly.

This problem often happens to me for some days. Can you help me??



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Slogar10, can you ensure that both you and the Host are up to date running the latest version of Zoom? Also, ensure you 'share computer audio' and 'optimize for video clip' when sharing content.


Within your Zoom desktop client settings under 'Share screen' click on 'Advanced' and check or uncheck, "Use Hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing", and see if that changes or makes a difference for your Screen sharing experience. Along with Checking or Unchecking, 'Use TCP Connection for screen sharing'


Try the suggested above and let me know if that helps! 


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Hi, I have the same problem and I can see a lot of other people have too! It happens so often it makes it is very nerve-wrecking and embarrassing. I have the professional license but no advanced screen share options so I can't apply the fix you mentioned above. What else can it be? Every time I start sharing my screen in larger meetings Zoom quits unexpectedly. This has only started happening about 2 weeks ago or maybe since I upgraded to professional. URGENT HELP PLEASE!

Hi,  This seems to be a very common error message / fault? Perhaps your reply here has received ZERO likes, because it is generic, and not terribly helpful? The error message itself is incredibly vague and non-specific. It offers no information about why Zoom has failed to start and 'quit unexpectedly' leaving customers with little clue as to where to start looking to resolve this. It seems as though most of the people participating in this 'customers provide their own customer serivce' scheme here have enough general knowledge to have already tried the obvious things like updating the software, unistalling and reinstalling zoom, clearing caches and updating drivers....If we can't get sensible, informative error messages, or constructive assistance from Zoom, then the simplest solution will become removing the software and using Teams or Skype instead...I've wasted half a day trying to get Zoom to work on my laptop. Your customer service is non-existent, and the trouble shooting guide is next to useless.


I have this problem too and I am a professional speaker. So having my session fail in the middle of a presentation is unacceptable.