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Zoom Plugin / Outlook Default Issue



An EA is assisting two executives with creating outlook calendar entries with Zoom meetings as a delegate.  The EA was given editing permissions to the two executives calendar and also has their Zoom Delegate access already granted so she can create zoom meetings on their behalf on their calendar.



When scheduling a meeting on either of the executive's calendar and adding a Zoom meeting, it defaults to adding the EA's Zoom and not the respective executives Zoom.


Prior Experience before issue:

The EA states that when creating a calendar on either executives calendar, then adding a Zoom meeting, it would always default to adding the Zoom entry on the respective executives meeting.  Now it's defaulting to her own Zoom. 


Current Workaround:

She needs to manually adjust the zoom delegate each time by going into "Zoom Settings" with the outlook zoom plugin. 


How can this be corrected or updated?