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Zoom PWA does not work on Acer chromebox


I have been running zoom on my chromebox for well over a year. Recently, a message at the top says they're going to cease support for the app in August and replace it with Zoom PWA. I've tried to convert since they're telling me I'm going to have to, but it doesn't work. Each time I try to join a meeting with the new app, it generates a new meeting invitation, sends me the information email. Using the meeting ID from that email just starts the process again. It's an endless loop. The "old app" works just fine.


Any thoughts or advice?


Chromebox has 16 GB RAM

Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3867U @ 1.80GHz (2 threads, 1.80GHz)
GB service for my internet connection


So, I think the fix is easy and hope someone can confirm. In order to use the PWA app on my chromebox successfully, I need to save the email that confirms my participation in the program, click the join meeting button and then scroll down on the resulting screen to where the link says "Join via the Zoom for Chrome PWA". Seems to work.