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Zoom PWA chromebook problems


Looking for chromebook zoom PWA help. I've gone through all the articles and done all the things recommended and I am STILL so confused about how to schedule meetings that actually work on my client's end from the new Zoom PWA for chromebook. When I schedule a meeting from the new app, most of the time, my clients' will get a spinning wheel or"host is in another meeting" message if they try to connect from that link. OR, if I search for the email where I sent them the link from the calendar invite that zoom sent out and start it from there, it will take me to the old version of zoom that I'm not supposed to be using anymore even though I created the meeting in the new PWA app. The only way I can reliably get the meeting to work in the new PWA app is if I send an email with a link from the actual meeting. This is annoying since I work with students on a recurring basis and like to just have it set up ahead of time. I really miss the "personal meeting room" link they could just save and use every time. Anyway, is anyone else having these issues? I'm thinking of asking for a refund for August and changing to something like google meet because it has been such a mess and I'm starting to doubt that zoom will work on chromebooks anymore. 


I'm 74. This advice is horrible, sorry to say. Is there no simpler way to troubleshoot? My zoom pwa for chromebook has functioned fine until now. Can it be that chromeook itself screwed something up? How close do you have to be to the router?