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Zoom One Profissional shuts down after 40 minutes


Hello everyone,


I have Zoom One Profissional.

I started a meeting today and unfortunately the other person was running awfully late. I had to wait for a while and after 40 minutes this notification came up and the meeting was closed.

The other person had to cancel so I wasn't able to test my account again. 

Is anyone able to tell me why this happened if I'm paying for the Zoom One Profissional plan?

Thank you all for your time.



Hey there @MeetingGuy2022,


Please make sure that you created the meeting with your Zoom One Pro account. I have seen many situations where the host account of the meeting (i.e. the account that created the meeting) was NOT the paid account and therefore subject to the 40-minute limit.  So, even if you connected to the meeting with a paid account, the meeting created with a free account will still retain the 40-minute limit. 


I have also had issues where a recurring meeting was created with a free account and then the account was upgraded to Zoom One Pro, but the meeting still had a time limit. In this situation we had to delete the recurring meeting and re-create it in order to remove the time limit.


Hope this helps!

I use Zoom for work several times a day, 5 days a week, and have had no problem since purchasing a plan, when the 40-minute limit was reintroduced for meetings with just one other person - until today when a warning sign appeared and my meeting shut down!  It was not a recurring meeting and it was set up in exactly the same way, and from exactly the same account as every other time.


What is going on, here, please?


Hello @Teptax ,


I would check the meeting ID and make sure YOU were the host.


I support a large number of users and sometimes they will join a meeting that is being hosted by another user who does NOT have a paid plan. If the meeting is hosted by a user without a paid plan, then the meeting is subjected to the 40-minute limit, even if you as an attendee has a paid plan.


If you go back and check the meeting ID and find that you were the host then call/chat Zoom support.


Hope that Helps!

Thanks for this, but it wasn’t that simple and, while we have no resolved the issue, neither the Zoom techie nor I could work out what had happened.


I have used Zoom for over two years:  initially, for free, but, more recently, on a paid plan - but always using my business e-mail address.  Suddenly, Zoom seemed to link to my personal e-mail address (which did not have a plan linked to it), while remaining linked to my business one, when issuing invitations.


All very strange!