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Zoom Meetings for members (no registration required) and supporters (registration required)



Is it possible to schedule a recurring meeting with two types of access. Members have the direct zoom meeting information with url, phone contacts etc... The registration form is used for promoting the meeting across social media and web to captue contacts for new supporters (not yet members).  


I do not want to burden exciting members with a recurring registration process. 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @kaceycarpenter.


What you describe isn't really an option, but if you have the email addresses and names of the existing members, you could upload their information into the registration process.  They'll each receive an Email with a Join link.  If you have people that don't want to be bothered, make a list of those that want to regularly attend, and just upload them.  Anyone else on the membership list can still register if they want to attend a one-off meeting.


See this Zoom Support article for details on the upload process: 

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