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Zoom Meetings Saving to Wrong Google Calendar


I’ve been trying really hard to fix this issue, but I haven’t found any help on this forum. I also haven’t been able to connect with Zoom customer support because I’m stuck with an AI chatbot that couldn’t transfer me to an agent.


So, here I am. I’ve recently started using Google Workspace for my business, and I have my business email address set up with them. When I try to schedule a meeting on my business calendar using a desktop application, I check ‘Google Calendar’ and hit ‘Save’. However, it keeps saving to my personal calendar.


This has caused me an embarrassment with a client, as all my business meetings are supposed to be on my business calendar, and I don’t want to show my personal email address. So far, I haven’t found a solution.


Can you please explain exactly what I need to do? I thought it would be straightforward and that meetings would automatically save to my business calendar, not my personal one!