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Zoom Meeting scheduler links to wrong Google Calendar - is there a delay?


This week we have had some problems with Zoom not linking to the correct Google calendar. 

Here is the issue: a meeting was scheduled for a Zoom Room and the event was created in the correct Zoom Room and the associated calendar. We have learned that you can only be signed into one Google account if you want the calendar linking to work properly.  Sometime later it was decided that we need to move the meeting to a larger Zoom room. The meeting was deleted in the original Zoom account and the staff member logged out of the Zoom account. Also, the staff member signed out of ALL Google accounts, and then signed into the Google calendar account that is connected to the larger Zoom Room. Then the staff member logged into the other Zoom account that is associated with the larger Zoom Room. The staff member then scheduled the meeting in the larger Zoom Room account, selected the Google calendar option, only to find that even though the correct Google calendar account was signed in, Zoom (or Google?) insisted on creating the event in the wrong Google calendar account and Google calendar declared that the time slot was taken and received a "busy" indication on the calendar.


All accounts were again signed out of and signed in again, with only one Zoom account and one Google calendar being active and the staff member used a different browser. The same problem occurred. Ten minutes later a different staff member repeated the the procedure on a different computer and was able to schedule the meeting. This has happened more than once this week for us.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a delay in syncing or updating events in Zoom and/or in Google? It must be possible to reschedule or change locations without this much trouble!  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The process described is a bit convoluted - would you be able to upload screenshots along the way?


Generally speaking, one Google account that has 'Make Changes and Manage Sharing' access for all Google Workspace Resource Calendars (these are your room calendars, which are not actually individual google accounts) is used to sync resource cals with Zoom. This can be found at

Moving meetings between Zoom Rooms can be done when logged into this single Google account (subscribed to all room resources).


Based on your description, it seems like the overly complex workflow for a simple task may be causing issues due to the number of steps required to make a minor modification.



And yes, always assume that delay is possible when syncing with Google.