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Zoom Meeting on Apple TV


I installed the new "Zoom for Home TV" on my Apple TV 4k, but need some instructions and how to use it.

Do I join a meeting first on my iPhone or Apple TV?



If you sign in to your Zoom account through the TV app you don't need to. The upcoming meetings will appear on the screen. However, you won't be able to join the meeting until either an ipad or iphone is connected for the TV to use the camera for video. However, you can turn off the video once connected.


If the meeting is about to start, the screen will change to the name of the meeting and should appear with a join button. Make sure your work calendar is connected to your Zoom account so your meetings and meetings you've accepted show up.


You may be able to switch a meeting that you started on your phone to your TV, but that isn't something I've tested yet.


Big fan of Zoom for Home TV on my Apple TV. Upgraded it specifically to use Zoom! 


I am very frustrated - I am going to hold a zoom meeting with my book club, and so need to be able to show the room we are in with several people to the people dialing into the call.   when I connect my apple tv to the meeting, of course the only person that can be seen is me on my phone.    but even then I get echoes on the line when I try to talk.   I tried dialing in on my laptop and directing to the room, but again get echoes.    How do I see my own meeting, allow people at both ends to talk without getting echoes - I can't keep muting back and forth on each device?    I have a 7 day trial period, and purchased a new Apple TV 4K box for this but I fear I can't make this happen.   not a big fan of Zoom on my Apple TV.  

While I now do have Zoom working on my Apple TV , it uses your iPhone to focus on me as it does close-ups and even tracks me walking around.


If you are hosting a Zoom meeting in a location where you have a group of people to be viewed on just one camera, I suggest getting a wide-angle webcam and using a laptop to host the Zoom meeting.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Jan14,


Would you mind helping me understand your device setup? (AppleTV, Monitor, Soundbar, Laptop, iPhone)

Echoes usually happen when two closely positioned devices join the same meeting, where the sound output from device A goes into the microphone of device B.