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Zoom Meeting Host Locking Up


Since the end of August, we have been experiencing problems for the meeting hosts during Zoom Meetings.  The host will lose their controls, the screen shares will fail to update, and they seem to have no other choice than to force a shutdown of the Zoom Client software.


We BELIEVE that the client software is being updated while the meeting is taking place and the controls are lost when the notification of the upgrade takes place.  This is just a theory since following the meeting update notifications were present on some attendee's screens.


The problem has occurred with more than one host, on different computer platforms, and on different days.  During one meeting lasting 1.5-hours, the host locked up three times.  Thankfully, a co-host was chosen so the entire meeting didn't shut down. 


During our board meeting, the host locked up, could no longer be heard over their microphone, could hear everyone else over the speakers, but had lost all controls.  They were NOT using Screen Share at the time.


The host is the person that locks up.

Controls vanish.

Screen Share images do not refresh although the host's cursor movements can be seen.

Task Manager and/or CTRL-ALT-DEL must be used to exit the Zoom Client software in order to rejoin the meeting and gather control again.

Sometimes a Zoom Client update notification screen is present after leaving the meeting.

Closed Captioning is being used during the meeting (with or without the Save History feature enabled).

The time intervals when the lock-up occurs are inconsistent.

In our meetings we tend to always have a co-host selected, I'm not sure what occurs if there is no co-host.

The other attendees and co-hosts do not seem to lock up, only the host.

The lock-up occurs for meetings with and without required registration.


The first occurrence of this was noticed on August 31st and the most recent time we were affected by this was on September 9th.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ed at the GFO

Portland, Oregon



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Ed 


I would recommend you ensure all your Zoom clients are up to date to the latest version AND if you are using Windows (which it sounds like you are) ensure you are running the 64-bit version of the Zoom client, not the 32-bit.


The Zoom download page will often default you to the 32-bit.




Version 5.7.8 just got released.







Thank you.  We appreciate your advice and will certainly give this a try.  Please let us know if an update is released that addresses this specific issue or if other solutions become available.  Thanks again - Ed

My experience yesterday was terrible.  Many of the same issues. Account automatically updated a few days ago. Was aware of bug issues and assigned a co-host who had no issues….I lost controls 3 times, screen froze, screen turned black, task manager showed duplicate meetings, etc.  how do you tell if one is using 32 bit or 64 bit..and how does one change from 32 bit to 64 bit?


Experiencing exactly the same problem described by Ed.  Host freezes up and loses control requiring a restart of computer (Win 10) and cohost can continue.  Also using captions; is it possible that is an issue?  How can we insure the app download is 64-bit?  I noticed the link provided is specific for 5.7.8.


Has anyone determined if loading the 64-bit version resolves this issue? I am also experiencing this issue with the only way to get out of the app is by ending the process in the Task Manager. Live Transcription has also been enabled during the events where this has occurred. 


Having said this, I've not been able to reproduce the issue on demand so it is unclear of the exact circumstances that are triggering the event.


BTW, there is a very similar thread at


and they have tried the 64-bit with no luck.


Also having the same troubles described above. Live Transcript was running every time the problem occurred. This has only happened when I have been host using a Lenovo Legion 5 desktop computer running AMD Ryzen 7 processor - have others of you using a different processor experienced the same problems?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Please try to update to version 5.7.8 (1247) for Windows, as the main issue resolved was regarding prolonged use of captioning, which caused the Zoom app to freeze. 


The exact same thing happened to me twice today while hosting a meeting. We also had co-hosts. I will make sure my Zoom client is up-to-date and hope that prevents the problem in the future.


So I updated to 5.8.0 before my Board meeting last night and I am happy to report that I did not encounter any issues. I was connected for almost five hours with no freezing. I still plan to conduct further testing but this is a promising start.


I reported three (3) similar meetings. We were all using the same version of Zoom ( and ALL had CC Live Transcripts enabled. I was a co-host for one of the meetings,  and the other two were participants (on was a meeting the other was a webinar).



Did anyone have luck with a fix for this? Same thing happened to me while hosting a meeting for over 200 people. And it happened again for a team member who was hosting a meeting for even more people. Fortunately, we both had co-hosts and the presentations were uploaded to Google Drive. At first I thought it was just a random occurrence. We have another large meeting coming up and I would really appreciate any advice on how to prevent this from happening again.  Thank you!


@BeeHoney  - since updating our version of Zoom, we have not had this issue. It seemed that version was problematic.




I'm seeming to be having a  similar problem, where I'm the host, have had to leave and assign another host because I can't hear anyone, but they can hear me. when I sign in I can hear for awhile, but after about 20 mins or sometime less. I can't hear.. Can anyone suggest a solution?