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Zoom MAC MDM Setup (Screen Sharing Permissions)


I'm currently in the progress of deploying a few MAC devices in our environment using Kandji MDM. One issue we're experiencing right now is that we need to enable Screen Recording in Security & Privacy but we would like to do that via the MDM rather by then the user as they are standard users. 


For some other software I was able to use the bundleID and TeamID and enable it via the MDM after deployment, although I'm not able to do the same for Zoom.


Is there any way I can enable the permissions via the MDM rather than the user. 





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You can use MDM policies to control access to Screen Share within the Zoom app directly, but Zoom doesn't offer a way to control the Security and Privacy settings of the OS directly. There may be other ways to mass deploy OS settings, but not through the Zoom app.