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Zoom Keeps Disconnecting on Chrome


My Zoom has been constantly disconnecting me from meetings (Up to 10 times yesterday) and my screen goes black and my screen stops sharing. This is very annoying as I am trying to do a sales pitch. I am connected to an Ethernet so I don't understand why its not working.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @cthomson welcome to the community and apologies on the bad experience with Zoom! May I ask, are you hosting your meeting on chromeOS e.g., Chromebook or hosting via your Chrome Browser? 


As network issues can be super tedious as to the exact issue as it could be from our side or vise-versa, from your side trying to contact Zoom servers. I answered a discussion about some network troubleshooting with the Zoom client to see if that takes you in the right direction as to determining the network issue. You can look into the discussion on Zoom, when i start a meeting, zoom does 4 disconnections until become stable om meeting 

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