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Zoom Doesn't Recognize External Monitor Until I Restart My Laptop


I have a Macbook Air that I connect to an LG external monitor with a Thunderbolt cable for Zoom meetings (I like using the larger monitor for meetings because the camera is better quality). Recently, Zoom does not show my external monitor as an option for audio and video when I connect it to my laptop even though I have "use dual monitors" selected. My Macbook recognizes the monitor and allows me to adjust its settings, but I can't get Zoom to recognize it. The only way I can get the LG monitor to appear as an option in Zoom is to restart my laptop. This is pretty annoying because I frequently disconnect and reconnect my laptop to my monitor throughout the day when I have meetings. Anyone have a similar issue and find a solution?


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Hi @bernice_anders ,


Thank you for using Zoom Community!


Let me check if I could help you out on this.
Has this ever worked before? prior to you restarting you Macbook.
The Solution that I'm looking at is trying to check other cables and/or other type of cable connection, reinstalling the Zoom client and updating the monitor's drivers.


I hope that helps.

Hi Saif_Elmejrab! Thanks for your response. This has worked before - it only started recently not working, after a Mac software and Zoom software update. I've tried reinstalling Zoom and updating the monitor's drivers with no luck. The next step will probably be trying a new cable, but I wish I better understood the mechanism behind why that might be the issue (i.e why does the cable I have work only after I restart my computer?)

I have the same issue.  Obviously this is a real issue as there are multiple complaints about this and it all appears to have just started after an update.  This has worked fine in the recent past.  How can we get this resolved permanently?




I am also working on a monitor site. you can check my reviewires site to sort out this issue. I hope this is helpful for you.


I have this same problem. It's driving me crazy.

I also have this problem, right after a software update.


Yes, this all started when Zoom updated.  Now every time I plug my computer in I have to restart it to have Zoom recognize my external monitor and it is VERY inconvenient especially when I am going from meeting to meeting and need to be up and running quickly!!  Please let me know how to fix this!!

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Hi @omquan ,


Thank you for reaching out.
Are you able to provide the version # of Zoom client that you currently have installed?
I tried reinstalling Zoom, to replicate the issue; however, it still detects the external monitor automatically.
I'm running MacOs Monterey, with 27 inch Dell Monitor, HDMI cable connect to a USB type C dongle/adapter.

I'm using Zoom Version: 5.9.6 (4993) and also have MacOs Monterey installed.

Hi @bernice_anders ,

I apologize for the late reply, it took a while but I did a factory reset on a macbook and have Zoom Version: 5.9.6 (4993).

it still detects my external monitor without any issues.


I have this problem too! I have a Macbook Pro laptop running Monterey 12.2.1. I plug it into an apple thunderbolt display with a built-in camera. It used to work perfectly with zoom but now zoom will not recognize the display camera unless i restart my computer. this is a big issue for me since I'm regularly moving around my laptop. It started quite recently, like in the last few weeks.  


Had the same issue and reinstalled the OS, painful, but works.  Best way to test the issue if indeed it is your personal mac OS is try to log on with another computer and see if you have success (which I did) leaving me to realize it was the MAC.  Also we tried another user on my MAC and that person had the same issue.   Basically wipe and re-image and all is well.  My issue started probably in March too.